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Love is a story and yours must be told.


Our highest regarded awards!

  • CinemaStory Wedding Films crafted our love story film and our wedding video. There wasn’t a single moment that wasn’t captured on film! Somehow Shane and his second shooter were EVERYWHERE and not one moment was missed! I highly recommend CinemaStory Wedding Films if you’re looking for a responsive, professional, and incredibly NICE videographer for your day!

    - Emily, The Bride


What Makes us Different


  • Story. We craft every film with our signature brand shots, melodic pacing and structured story-arcs while customizing each film to your specific wishes to create a one-of-a-kind story. From the tiniest details on your bouquet to the way your venue looks from 100 feet above, nothing is left out. It’s your day and this story is all about you.
  • Movement. We capture your story through cinematic-awe-inspiring movement and one-of-a-kind signature brand shots. We launch drones for jaw dropping fly-overs of your venue, we chase the action with smooth steadicam gimbals and setup sequences that deliver that Hollywood storytelling feeling because “if all you wanted was a tripod shot, your uncle could have done it for you on his iPhone.”
  • Sound. Sound is 90% of your film! You will notice the difference in our sound quality carefully mixed with music to tell your story. We utilize hidden wireless microphones and audio recorders to safely capture all the words that will shape your life forever. And when it comes to music, we offer a wide assortment of popular tracks we license so you can share your film legally wherever you wish!

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