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Love is a story and yours must be told.


What Makes us Different


  • Movement. Many companies rely on slow camera pans, static shots and other sleep-inducing techniques. We are advocates of cinematic and awe-inspiring movement. Whether it is a drone flying over the venue, a camera crane capturing unique shots above the ceremony, or diligently following you with a steadicam, we promise to capture the feelings and emotions of your day via one-of-a-kind shots and cinematic motion.
  • Sound. Poor sound is often paired with low-grade videography work and can decrease the overall quality of a film. Prior to film, Shane worked as a sound engineer for theatrical performances and was trained by an individual who now works on the global sound team for the musical artist Drake. He takes extra pride and care in recording live sound with hidden wireless microphones and digital recorders. You will notice the difference in our sound quality mixed into your film.
  • Story. To paraphrase Alfred Hitchcock, We like to make slow things go fast and fast things go slow. There are so many hidden emotions in a glance, a kiss or a funny dance move. This is precisely why we use high-speed cameras to capture key moments in slow-motion, allowing an audience to relive each emotion frame by frame. On the other hand, we do not exclude the slower moments, but rather highlight them via montages and time-lapses, ensuring no part of your day is forgotten.

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