Matt & Sage | Feature

This bride and groom are very close to our hearts because they are family! They chose a rustic wedding venue outside of Magnolia, Texas that gave them an all in one location. They chose to have the wedding indoors and then flip the room for the reception. The set-up was amazing for photographers and videographers alike because they placed the bride and groom inside of the audience in a unique wedding circle. The food was outstanding, decorative indoor trees were stellar, the colors were classic, and the bride and groom were very photogenic and camera friendly. They also surprised everyone with a choreographed dance for their first dance, check it out! Great way for us to make major brownie points with our family while making a living. Thanks Matt & Sage!

Key Production Components

  • Solo Videographer
  • Steadicam
  • Wireless Microphones
  • First Wedding with DSLR
  • Camcorders
  • TimeLapse
  • Bridal Choices

  • Colors: Gold & Merlot-Red
  • Setting: Rustic-Romantic-Wedding
  • Ceremony: Indoor
  • Reception: Indoor
  • Exit: Sparklers
  • Catering: Yum! Houston, TX
  • Special: Processional Items that told their love story.
  • Special: Choreographed First Dance
  • TimeCodes

  • Preparation: @Start
  • BackStory Interviews: @3:08
  • Ceremony: @4:50
  • Reception: @12:54
  • Video Credits: @15:10
  • Full Dance: @16:30