Chase & Carly | Feature

This wedding was a perfect match for the couple and we enjoyed capturing the unique details that the bride so carefully crafted. The venue itself is cleverly arraigned for weddings and special events and made operating gear and catching multiple things at once a breeze. This was our first wedding to use our jib (camera crane) inside and we think it added an unique perspective to the first dance and reception. Thank you Chase & Carly for inviting us into your lives on your special day.

Key Production Components

  • Two Videographers
  • Jib
  • Slider
  • Steadicam
  • Drone
  • Wireless Microphones
  • DSLRs
  • Bridal Choices

  • Colors: Purple & Orange.
  • Setting: City-Wedding Venue.
  • Location: Noah’s Event Center, Richardson, TX
  • Ceremony: Indoor
  • Cocktail Hour: Indoor
  • Reception: Indoor
  • Exit: Streamers
  • TimeCodes

  • Preparation: @Start
  • Ceremony: @3:05
  • Reception: @6:44
  • Video Credits: @10:27